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Life is Better With Something Sweet

Our Story

At Fruityland Chicago we sell most of the favorite traditional Mexican desserts and snacks.


Our inauguration was on April 30th 2010. This day in the year is celebrated in Latin America as the day of the children(El dia de los niños).


We value the business of ice cream because we find it noble. We enjoy meeting new people from Chicago, as well as the tourists that come to visit the city and the small shops we have here.


The most popular items on our menu are our unique Fruityland styled Mangoneada, and our traditional Mexican styled strawberries with sweet cream.


We believe that life is better with something sweet. You can forget your troubles for a bit, and focus on enjoying what you're eating. We try to have a comfortable atmosphere for our customers to relax in and have a good time.


Fruityland is about everyone. Anyone and everyone is welcome to our ice cream shop to sit down and have something sweet or take something to go. We are a family owned business that employs people from Albany Park including some students from the local high school, Theodore Roosevelt.

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